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Congratulations to “Far Away Places'” winners

Congratulations to Kirsti Holtan, Don Axleroad, John Morris Dixon, Benjamin Casiano!!

Kirsti Holtan, Parisian Selfie

Kirsti Holtan
“Parisian Selfie”

Far Away Places, 2014

First Place


Don Axleroad, Highland Family, New Guinea

Don Axleroad
“Highland Family, New Guinea

Far Away Places, 2014

Second Place


John Morris Dixon, Monk's Laundry, Thailand

John Morris Dixon
“Monk’s Laundry, Thailand”

Far Away Places, 2014

Third Place


Benjamin Casiano, Mist

Benjamin Casiano

Far Away Places, 2014

Honorable Mention


We hope you can stop by the gallery to see the show,

Far Away Places:
July 18 – Aug. 21, 2014