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37th Annual Faber Birren National Color Show Selected Artists



37th Annual Faber Birren National Color Show

Selected Artists


Benjamin Shamback, “Color aid and Newsprint”

Blaine Breaux, “4 of a Kind, (Quadriptych)”

Brian Comforti, “Self Portrait in a Blue Shirt”

Caren Winnall, “Poolside, CA”

Carol Dixon, “Sunlit Woods”

Constance Culpepper, “Chickenpox”

Eileen Tavolacci, “Realization”

Evans Arnold, “Sunset”

Francine Even, “A Life Of Its Own In Color”

Gregory Presley, “Colored Skylines”

Heide Follin, “Escargot Begonia Night”

Heidi Lewis Coleman, “Serendipity 2”

Indrajeet Chandrachud, “Asleep for 3000 years only to wake up to a Prince song”

Jaena Kwon, “To the left”

Jane Lincoln, “Outspoken Orange”

Jno. Wilson, “SQUARE 27S0417”

Lauren Yandell, “Hillside”

Loretta Kaufman, “Sere Deconstructed II: Circle Of Life Series”

Lori Glavin, “Verdant”

Lorraine Dauphin, “State of Mind”

Michelle Sakhai, “Through the Light”

Mike Harris, “Old Delhi Fruit Vendor”

Nancy Rosen, “Calypso”

Neva Setlow, “Happy Moments”

Pam Lindberg, “Floral Explosion”

Rengin Holt, “Once Upon a Time”

Richard Malinsky, “Harvest”

Richard Malinsky, “Reflection”

Ronnie Gold, “Hot Summer Day”

Stuart Danoff, “Blew”

Susan Taylor Murray, “Little Galaxies Series of Six”

Thyra Moore, “Inquisitive”

Wendy Williams, “Incredible Flying Machine”

Wendy Williams, “Tabletop Still Life’

William Gordon, “Tres Colores in Havana’

Yolanda Fernandez-Shebeko, “Evening Walk”


Lori Glavin, “Verdant”

Thyra Moore, “Inquisitive”

Mike Harris, “Old Delhi Fruit Vendor”