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Bad Hair Day

The week before Memorial Day, Beagle Man brought me in for a bath and a trim. It was super hot that week, and I heard him say to the groomer, “maybe a little shorter than usual, so he’s comfortable in

Kemba The Decorator

We can hear him going at it, even though we’re in the kitchen.  Scratch-scratch-scratch-scratch!  That’s Kemba, scuffing at the large, flat cushion on the living room couch, as if he were in the dog
Kemba couldn't come along, so had to make some new friends: Finn and Gigi

The Dogs of Santa Monica (Part 2)

In my next life, I want to be a dog living near the beach in Santa Monica.  Quite the sweet deal they have going there. Their ubiquity, their visibility (and the assumption that they belong!) at

Hello Kitty Gets Decapitated

Kemba’s making me throw this stuffed Hello Kitty.  He won’t chase a ball — ONLY hello Kitty . . . Thus begins a text from Elise, my dog sitter — and it doesn’t surprise me.  My boy can be pretty

Oh, No — Not Fred’s!!!

It all started in November, when Beagle Man got his new Cherokee.  At the same time, he bought the “unlimited” pass at Fred’s.  Now we go there at least once a week — sometimes more.  And

“What Kind of Dog Is That?”

I’m not gonna lie.  I think my dog is gorgeous.  The thing is, I’m not the only one — not by a long shot.  Every day I get stopped about Kemba’s appearance.  Just yesterday, while we were walking
snow balls


Did you ever see so much snow??!!  Beagle Man’s been going around telling everyone we’re stuck up here in Vermont, and can’t make it home to Connecticut.  That we’re “stranded.”  Hah!  Stranded, my

The Perfect Day

Jumped out of the shower just in time to see The Man in Orange make yet one more preposterous, self- congratulatory speech — Straight Outta Fantasyland — before jetting out of Dodge.  A good start to