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The Under Dog

Are you ready for some football?  I’m sure not!  Beagle Man gets so moody during the football season.  I wonder . . . do you think rooting for the Jets could have anything to do with it?  The season

Kem and Grace

It was all quiet on the eastern front.  I’d been flinging the Green Ball into the ocean for Kemba to retrieve for a good 45 minutes now, and he was  happy to follow my command to “read and relax.”  I

Pillow Talk

Beagle Man’s always telling anyone who’ll listen that there’s nothing he’d like better than for me to sleep in his bed with him.  But it’s not gonna happen.  Mom says, “Absolutely not!” and it looks

Love the One You’re With

On October 25, 2014, I spotted baby Kemba striding happily along with Steve the Breeder in the parking lot of a Homewood Suites motel in Scarborough, Maine, near Portland.  This was the rendezvous

Weekend at Uncle Marlon’s II

My good, good boy is back after his summer tune-up at Camp Marlon.  I send him there from time to time so that Kemba’s A#1 trainer, Marlon, can re-install the good behaviors —with his loving care,

Glory Days

We interrupt this blog about dogs to bring you some breaking news:  The House Formerly Known as Camp Herman has been torn down. Yes, the old white colonial on Devon Road, home to the Beagle Man and


“Patient is a 70-year-old male” it said at the top of my doctor’s notes on the MyChart app.  And my first reaction — I swear! — was “Who the hell is he talking about??” Same thing with my dog.  He’s

Why We Loved Ricky

The world’s best, most handsome Beagle would be turning 17 today.  We still miss him . . . _______________ SNOWY FUN