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The Under Dog

logoAre you ready for some football?  I’m sure not!  Beagle Man gets so moody during the football season.  I wonder . . . do you think rooting for the Jets could have anything to do with it?  The season began yesterday with the Thursday Night game (Super Bowl champs Kansas City beat Houston), but Beagle Man’s season doesn’t start till Sunday, when the Jets play the Bills.  The Jets — surprise, surprise — are 6.5 point underdogs.  The Jets



are always underdogs.  And there’s a reason for this.  The last time the Jets had a winning record was 2015, when I was still using teething toys!  But still, e-v-e-r-y week, Beagle Man gets super-excited.  And super-confident.  Then the game starts, and the Jets fall behind — usually in the first few minutes — and he’s still sure they’re gonna win.  But no.  They lose.  Again.  And he’s miserable the whole day.  And Monday, too.  But by Tuesday . . . he’s already excited again!  And he’s looking forward to the next Sunday’s game!  It’s truly unbelievable!  Why — why?! — do we have to be Jets fans???  Was it really just because Greg liked the color green when he was a little boy?  So now, because Beagle Man and Greg are Jets fans, have to be a Jets fan?  And poor little Ryan and Henry, too?  I can just see it this Sunday:  Ryan and Henry will be dressed in their #14 Darnold jerseys — whether they like it or not.  Beagle Man, too.  He has no other options:  Last year he also owned #33 for All-Pro safety Jamal Adams, the Jets best player, but in a typical genius move, they traded him.  He also had #11 for the Jets top receiver, Robby Anderson, but in another genius move, they let him go, too.  I suppose I could root for the Dolphins, the other family team (Mom, Matt, and Robby), but they also stink.  And to make matters worse, we now have their ex-coach — who was so bad and irritating the Dolphins fired him!  Ah, life would be so much easier if we could just root for the Chiefs . . .

Beagle Man always has a lot to say, so I’ll just pipe up in The Duck Dog Speaks whenever I can.