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So When’s MY Star Turn??

logoWhat’s wrong with this picture?  That’s right:  I’m not in it!  Last month Grace,


Supermodel and the dog next door (Photo: Pamela Hanson)

my sweet, cutesy next door Vizsla, weaseled her way into a fashion shoot with supermodel Christy Turlington, for Loro Piana.  (Which, it turns out, is a chic clothing brand.  Yeah, I thought it was a musical instrument too.)  Okay, I get it, so Grace’s people, John and Malcolm, are both in the fashion biz.  They’re connected.  But come on, look at us:  Matt does shoots.  So does Robby.  Mom, too.  (I’m not really quite sure what Beagle Man does, honestly.)  I hate to sound ungrateful, on Thanksgiving of all days, but you’d think someone in that crowd could make something happen for me!  Everyone at the shoot kept saying, “Oh, Grace is so regal!  Oh, the way she carries herself!  Just like Christy!”  Well not to







brag, but I get the odd compliment here or there on my looks . . . like ev-er-y day!  Actually, I think I  resemble Christy just a little bit, too.  The coloring, maybe?  Something in the eyes?  Just have a look at these pics (left). Who do you think looks more like the supermodel — me, or Grace?  Please click the little dialogue button up top to send in your vote.  Okay.  I just needed to get this off my chest.

Beagle Man always has a lot to say, so I’ll just pipe up in The Duck Dog Speaks whenever I can.