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What Kemba Got for Chanukah

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2 Responses

  1. Marilyn says:

    Love the expressions on the boys faces as they watch the candles come to life!

  2. Mimchix says:

    Kemba should get a Henrietta the Chicken squeak toy. It’s all in the squeak. Cooper loves tennis balls with squeakers in them. Of course, Cooper is so small, he carries the tennis balls by the fuzz. He grabs the fuzz with his tiny front teeth and carries the thing like it’s a purse! But then, these squeaker fuzzy balls are a bit softer than a regular tennis ball, so he can bite down on it and make it squeak. I realize, however, that Kemba is 5X the size of Cooper and the squeak toys would last maybe one minute, but the noise that comes from them is not only annoying…it’s hysterical.