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snow balls

They’ve sent this photo to everyone!

Did you ever see so much snow??!!  Beagle Man’s been going around telling everyone we’re stuck up here in Vermont, and can’t make it home to Connecticut.  That we’re “stranded.”  Hah!  Stranded, my heinie!  Sure, we’ve had tons and tons of snow — it never stops! — but somehow Beagle Man managed to make it over to Stratton on Sunday and Bromley on Monday and Wild Wings on Tuesday and Magic today.  The driving wasn’t too bad for that.


Picnic, anyone?

But it’s all good — you won’t find me complaining.  All this knee-deep snow and freezing temps take me back to my homeland.  (Yes, don’t forget my Canadian roots.)  And while Beagle Man skis — which he’s done the last five days in a row! — I get to go hiking with Mom around Equinox Pond, our very favorite trail.  Okay.  So I have a little bone to pick with Beagle Man, and it’s about that photo of me (top right) in my snow “coat.”  Here’s what happened:  On his first throw of the morning, Beagle


My favorite trail

Man chuckit-ed the tennis ball way up into the huge snow drift by the Delaney’s house.  Of course, it was my job to find it and dig it out. (Remember — Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever?)  Forty-five minutes I searched, with my entire head and half my body buried in snow, until he made me stop and come in for breakfast.  But did he feed me?  Did he towel me off?  No — he and Mom laughed hysterically, said I looked like I was decorated with white Christmas tree balls, took that ridiculous photo, and then sent it to everyone!  Thanks a lot, guys.  Meanwhile, about that tennis ball?  I haven’t forgotten it.  I haven’t given up.  And I will find it.  Robby always talked about Ricky the Beagle having heart.  Well stick around.  You’re gonna see some serious heart . . .

Beagle Man always has a lot to say, so I’ll just pipe up in The Duck Dog Speaks whenever I can.