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Oh, No — Not Fred’s!!!

logoIt all started in November, when Beagle Man got his new Cherokee.  Atfred's the same time, he bought the “unlimited” pass at Fred’s.  Now we go there at least once a week — sometimes more.  And it’s terrifying!  I can’t tell you exactly why we go to this house of horrors, but I can tell you exactly what goes on there.  For starters, scary men with big long sticks sponge the outside of the car.  Then a bunch of lights — red! blue! — flash on and off.  Next, it starts raining soapy water, and I mean pouring!  Then the car gets spanked, over and over — on the doors, the hood, the roof — by these gruesome long, blue, spiky, rubbery tentacles.  Next, there’s a super-loud sound, like thunder, or maybe even a Khurricane, and all that water gets sucked — whoosh! — off the car.  Spooky.  The first time we went through Fred’s, I made a mad dash for cover — first, to the front seat, then down deep in the foot-room well — and I shut my eyes tight.  Beagle Man tried to calmunlimited me down with his “it’s-okay”s and “no-problem”s and “we’ll-be-done-in-a-minute”s — but no way was I leaving my safe spot.  I figured those tentacles couldn’t find me there.  When I finally opened my eyes, we’d escaped.  Later on I heard that Beagle Man took Ricky the Beagle through Fred’s once . . . and never again.  That’s how bad the poor little guy freaked out.  But me, he took back.  Told me I’d get used to it.  And actually, I did.  Okay, so he was right.  But the car looks exactly the same to me when it comes out as it did when it went in, so I still don’t get the point.

Beagle Man always has a lot to say, so I’ll just pipe up in The Duck Dog Speaks whenever I can.