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Bad Hair Day

adsThe week before Memorial Day, Beagle Man brought me in for a bath and a trim.


I haven’t felt this naked . . .

It was super hot that week, and I heard him say to the groomer, “maybe a little shorter than usual, so he’s comfortable in the warmer weather.”  As if I’m a toddler getting ready for summer.  (Greg and Kelly used to give Ryan and Henry the buzz cut treatment, but they gave it up.  Just not attractive.)  Trouble


What I think of my new haircut

is, when Beagle Man said “a little shorter than usual,” what the groomer must have heard was “knock yourself out” — because, man, did she go to town!  Now all my trademark reddish highlights are gone, and I look like your basic yellow Lab.  Nothing against Labs, but I don’t see them getting stopped by people saying, “What a gorgeous dog!  What breed is she?”  (Yeah, they always assume I’m a “she,” because of my hair, I think.)  My coat


Me, in all my (former) glory

hasn’t been this short since Beagle Man picked me


. . . since I was four weeks old!

out from my litter mates back in Nova Scotia when I was four weeks old!  I hate to sound vain, but I have gotten kind of used to getting compliments on my looks — mostly

about my long, flowing, lion-like mane.  I still get compliments, but now it’s more like, “Oh, he’s so cute.  I thought he was a puppy!”  Not exactly the kind of thing a mature, almost-seven-year-old Duck Toller wants to hear.  Oh, well.  At least my hair will grow back.  Which is more than I can say for Beagle Man’s.

Beagle Man always has a lot to say, so I’ll just pipe up in The Duck Dog Speaks whenever I can.