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Like / Don’t Like

Things I like: •  Carrots.  I like a lot of things besides my kibble, but this is the only people food Mom gives me.  Of course I grab the better stuff when no one’s looking — bagels, salami, pickles,

The Under Dog

Are you ready for some football?  I’m sure not!  Beagle Man gets so moody during the football season.  I wonder . . . do you think rooting for the Jets could have anything to do with it?  The season

Pillow Talk

Beagle Man’s always telling anyone who’ll listen that there’s nothing he’d like better than for me to sleep in his bed with him.  But it’s not gonna happen.  Mom says, “Absolutely not!” and it looks

Mad Max Beyond Thunder-WHAT??

We went up to Vermont over the weekend.  Just Mom, Beagle Man, and me.  Things were strange.  Beagle Man took me for a walk along French Hollow Road.  Said we couldn’t do our usual hiking trail around

She’s a Lot Better Than I Thought

Not long after Ricky the Beagle passed on, Beagle Man announced to Mom that he needed another dog.  “That’s fine,” Mom said, “as long as you understand one thing.  He’ll be your dog.  I won’t walk


Beagle Man and I were down at Compo Beach yesterday — and boy, was it a beautiful morning!  (I hope you can make out the sun sparkling on the water in the photo, right.)  I dashed over toward the

My New Year’s Resolutions

Beagle Man always pats me on the head and tells me I’m a “good, good boy” — but I suppose I could try to be even better . . . •  I will keep my paws off the kitchen counter, and stay away from Mom’s

The Kindness of Strangers

You guys all know how I feel about Beagle Man.  I’d do anything with him, and I’d go anywhere with him.  (Even though he didn’t take me on the Epilogue Trip.)  But there’s one thing I have to say:

Don’t Worry About Me, Beagle Man

So Mom’s been sharing all your Bourbon Trail adventures with me so far . . . been there, done that I say. Anyway, I’m actually enjoying my laissez-faire days around Westport.  True, Mom refuses to

Bad News, Good News, Bad News

* * *COUNTDOWN: 15 DAYS TO LA/XC-6 * * * Beagle Man came home from Montauk at the end of September with all sorts of complaints about his back and his right shoulder.  He tried to blame it all on me