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Bad Hair Day

The week before Memorial Day, Beagle Man brought me in for a bath and a trim. It was super hot that week, and I heard him say to the groomer, “maybe a little shorter than usual, so he’s comfortable in

Oh, No — Not Fred’s!!!

It all started in November, when Beagle Man got his new Cherokee.  At the same time, he bought the “unlimited” pass at Fred’s.  Now we go there at least once a week — sometimes more.  And
snow balls


Did you ever see so much snow??!!  Beagle Man’s been going around telling everyone we’re stuck up here in Vermont, and can’t make it home to Connecticut.  That we’re “stranded.”  Hah!  Stranded, my

So When’s MY Star Turn??

What’s wrong with this picture?  That’s right:  I’m not in it!  Last month Grace, my sweet, cutesy next door Vizsla, weaseled her way into a fashion shoot with supermodel Christy Turlington, for Loro

Yay! The Dogs Are Back!

A couple of Saturdays ago, Westport went absolutely nuts!  It happened right around noon, when that guy Joe was announced as our next President.  Cars honking all up and down the Post Road, and Compo

Like / Don’t Like

Things I like: •  Carrots.  I like a lot of things besides my kibble, but this is the only people food Mom gives me.  Of course I grab the better stuff when no one’s looking — bagels, salami, pickles,

The Under Dog

Are you ready for some football?  I’m sure not!  Beagle Man gets so moody during the football season.  I wonder . . . do you think rooting for the Jets could have anything to do with it?  The season

Pillow Talk

Beagle Man’s always telling anyone who’ll listen that there’s nothing he’d like better than for me to sleep in his bed with him.  But it’s not gonna happen.  Mom says, “Absolutely not!” and it looks

Mad Max Beyond Thunder-WHAT??

We went up to Vermont over the weekend.  Just Mom, Beagle Man, and me.  Things were strange.  Beagle Man took me for a walk along French Hollow Road.  Said we couldn’t do our usual hiking trail around

She’s a Lot Better Than I Thought

Not long after Ricky the Beagle passed on, Beagle Man announced to Mom that he needed another dog.  “That’s fine,” Mom said, “as long as you understand one thing.  He’ll be your dog.  I won’t walk