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Ricky to Kemba: Relax!

I’ll admit it:  I’ve never totally understood my young friend Kemba.  First of all, what’s with this insane exercise fetish of his?  Beagle Man takes him out in the morning, they run, and they play


He’s ba-a-a-ck!  That’s right, the Beagle Man has landed — right here in WePo after 21 days on the road.  Of course, first order of business was his mushy reunion with Kemba, who bowled B-Man over,

LA/XC-6: The Logo

***COUNTDOWN:  2 DAYS TO LA/XC-6*** Hmm . . . I don’t know about this one.  My own logo, for The Roof Rack Report (left), was designed by a pro back in 2012 — and it’s held up pretty good, if I do say

Dumb and Dummy

One of the first things you always hear about Duck Tollers is how intelligent they are.  After what I saw this past weekend, though, I’m really not so sure.  Ah, Kemba, Kemba, Kemba.  Okay, here’s the

Some Questions I’d Ask If I Were Kemba . . .

* * *COUNTDOWN: 58 DAYS TO LA/XC-6 * * * Hey, I know everyone’s all revved up about Beagle Man’s so-called “Epilogue Trip,” less than two months away.  But Kemba, my young Duck Dog friend, I haven’t

And WHO Is It That Needs To Go For a Walk?

Beagle Man and Kemba:  A grown man using a poor little dog as an excuse for his own outdoors/exercise fetish.  Why am I not surprised?  In my days with the B-Man, he used to drag me out all the time,

Dogs Not That Smart? Says Who?

“Unfortunately, it looks like your drooling, howling, underwear-sniffing, sock-eating angel of perfection is not, you know, especially smart.” — AJ Willingham, CNN Really?  This is the author’s

R.I.P., Uno

Beagle Man sent around a family text earlier this week with a link to a New York Times article.  It was called “Remembering the One and Only Uno” (Richard Sandomir).  Well, I sure do.  Remember him,

Buckingham Beagle

Hey, I just saw this AMAZING post about last Saturday’s Royal Wedding.  I’m talking about the one they’ve been calling the Royal Wedding that took place in England; we all know the real Royal Wedding

The Apprentice

Well, it certainly took him long enough!  I cannot tell you how hard I’ve tried to get through to that goody-four-shoes!  Seriously, how many times do I have to listen to Beagle Man telling his dog