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“Crystals in Art” Virtual Bruce Presents Webinar, Nov. 24, 7 pm

Crystals have long had the power to captivate the human mind with their enigmatic beauty and mysterious properties. Join us on Tuesday, November 24, 7:00 – 8:30 pm for Crystals in Art: From

Bruce Experiences: A Virtual Kimono Showcase

In celebration of the exhibition, Floating Beauty: Women in the Art of Ukiyo-e, at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, October 20, the Bruce Museum will host an online kimono showcase led by Kaede

The Bruce Museum Seaside Center’s Virtual Summer

Every summer since 1979, the Bruce Museum Seaside Center, a beachside environmental education center located in Greenwich Point Park, has offered local children and their families a wealth

See ‘Floating Beauty’ at the Bruce

Now on view in the Bruce Museum’s recently renovated art gallery, Floating Beauty: Women in the Art of Ukiyo-e examines historical perspectives on women and their depiction in art in Edo

The Changing Face of the Bruce Museum

The large granite mansion that the Rev. Dr. Francis Lister Hawks, a lawyer, clergyman, and historian, built in the late-1850s was first known as “Hawk’s Nest,” reflecting the name of its owner, local

Bruce Presents Webinar: Powering Up for Space Travel

One day in the not too distant future, humans will reach for Mars—a seven-month journey each way. What will power people there and back is a revolutionary, near-indestructible battery possessing more

“Impressions of L.A. Ring” Virtual Concert on Sunday

To celebrate the artistry of L.A. Ring — the Danish master painter presented in the Bruce Museum’s current visiting exhibition — the Bruce Museum is pleased to host a virtual solo concert performed by

What It’s Like to be Back at the Bruce

After a heart-wrenching but necessary closure to help the community recover from the coronavirus pandemic, the Bruce Museum reopened its doors on Saturday, June 27, 2020, offering not only members but

Bruce Presents: Virtual Talk with Local Street Artists, July 9

You see it every day: block-letter names on underpasses; messages addressed to everyone (or no one) on billboards; colorful and insightful murals on the sides of otherwise unremarkable buildings. Amid

Bruce Museum Announces Major Donation to Its Mineral Collection

The Bruce Museum is pleased to announce a significant new gift of minerals from the renowned private collection of Robert R. Wiener. The recent donation follows the gift of nearly 100 world-class