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Breaking Food News: Fortina in Stamford!

We love Fortina Christian Petroni and Jodi Bernhard’s wood fired Italian kitchen is arguably the best around. Only trouble, Fortina is not really “around”  It lies off in Armonk, New York, which for most of our readers is a haul, a long drive over narrow and twisting Back Country trails.

Grazie a Dio.  We are happy to report that Fortina is coming to Stamford’s booming Harbor Point. Late last week they signed a contract for a soaring, sun splashed space on Washington Avenue, facing Commons Park.  According to Petroni and his partners John Nealon and Rob Krauss, the restaurant will feel like Armonk, but be different.

“It’s like a Fortina snowflake,” Chef Petroni explained.  “Once you get closer to the snowflake, it’s completely unique.”

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