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Cafe Dolce in Norwalk: European Handcrafted Desserts, Coffee, & Lunch

Some cups of coffee begin in Africa. Others in South America. This cup of coffee began, so to speak, in…Hungary. Norbert Dudas and Zoltan Bona, two friends who were hospitality and culinary students back in the day, eventually made their way to the United States. They pinpointed Fairfield County in particular, looking for a place to set up shop and show people what they could do. The result is the convivial, welcoming Cafe Dolce in Norwalk with its decidedly European atmosphere.

Said one regular customer on my recent trip there “It’s the best kept secret…but not for long, I’m sure!”

Detail is in evidence with their coffees and beverages. They are a “3rd wave” coffee establishment-in short, a place that views coffee beverages as an artisanal foodstuff and aspires to the highest culinary appreciation of coffee, much the way one would view wine, tea, and chocolate (Thank you, Wikipedia). They serve single-origin coffee and pour-over espresso drinks and Norbert has a particular liking and enthusiasm for African coffees, so those, naturally, feature prominently. He has taken the time and care to even create their house blend.

Then along comes a lengthy, gleaming glass case…filled with exquisite and utterly European desserts and pastries. Let’s talk about these desserts and pastries for a moment, shall we?

Continue reading about the desserts and the rest of the menu here.

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April Guilbault