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Cocoanuts Thai Rolled Ice Cream & Dessert Truck Launches w/ Vegan, Gluten Free Menu

Tyler Moss is rolling into town, quite literally, with a new Thai rolled ice cream and dessert truck that elevates this food trend to the next level. After nearly dying from an allergic reaction to a peanut, Moss, who previously ran the popular Bun Burger Bun allergen friendly food truck, is reaching out to his fan base again and providing a healthier dessert option in the form of outrageously creative frozen desserts, coffee, and hot cocoa. Cocoanuts is the name to look for, and the truck will be parked outside the South Norwalk Ice Rink starting in late October. What’s on the menu? Cocoanuts will be serving up non -dairy, gluten free, vegan desserts to the hungry masses using coconut cream, coconut milk, and other allergen friendly ingredients. The best part…these desserts are so rich and delicious, you would never know they are allergen free.

At launch, Cocoanuts will focus on seasonally inspired Thai rolled ice cream, organic coffee, outrageously rich hot cocoa and frozen hot chocolate. Ice cream flavors include: avocado cream, creamsicle, frozen hot cocoa,  and coming soon will be UBE purple yam, bacon jam with frozen hot chocolate, maple bacon, and pumpkin spice.

Cocoanuts is also teaming up with Izzy B’s to make allergy friendly Ice cream cookie sandwiches.

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