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M&M Steaks: New Philly Cheesesteak Food Truck Hits the Streets

It’s as much a part of Philadelphia folklore as Benjamin Franklin, the Liberty Bell and Rocky Balboa – just a whole lot tastier. Connecticut foodies can now obsess over a new food truck, M&M Steaks, which will specialize in Philly cheesesteaks. Owned by Philadelphia native, Dan Mullineaux and food industry veteran, Hector Medina, M&M Steaks has launched and hit the streets of Stamford and has parked at 110 High Ridge Road (Lord & Taylor parking lot) with a few Friday evening dates this summer at Half Full Brewery. Currently, M&M Steaks is keeping busy with not just street vending but with catering jobs and supporting community events. The schedule changes periodically and will be communicated via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

For uninitiated foodies, a cheesesteak is a sandwich comprised of fried, thinly-sliced beef, gobs of cheese (usually American, Provolone or Cheese-Whiz) and can be served with or without fried onions. Menu items include the “Hector’s Original”, a classic take on the original Philly cheesesteak made with ribeye and sirloin. The “Quinn Meister” is a Hector’s Original cheesesteak with Pepper Jack cheese and fresh jalapenos for a hot kick. “Alexander the Great” is topped with provolone, bacon, garlic and mayonnaise. And the “Tater’s Tot” is a Hector’s Original is topped with a generous helping of Cheez Wiz and tater tots. Chicken, vegetarian, and vegan options are available.

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