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Bianco Rosso Opens Newest location in Trumbull with Chef David White

Earlier this summer, husband and wife team, Cristina Ramirez and Mario Lopez along with brother Jaime opened Bianco Rosso’s newest location, in Trumbull, to eager diners. This location, like its sister location in Wilton, offers a stylish, minimal and chic setting dressed with crystal chandeliers donning gauzy red shades. Trumbull boasts a generously sized bar, extensive wine list and many creative craft cocktails.

Noted Chef David White (most recently of Vespa, Westport) was brought on to oversee all culinary matters and is joined by award-winning Pastry Chef Susanne Berne where the two have joined forces to create a delectable menu. Acclaimed Mixologist Jaime Johel oversees the creative specialty cocktail menu. The energetic restaurant opened to rave reviews. We had the opportunity to visit the new restaurant last week and sample some of Chef White’s culinary prowess.

We began with a beautifully presented plated of French Toast with fresh berries piled as high as I have ever seen. Picture-worthy for sure, but perhaps even more beautiful on the taste buds. Thick slices of light-as-air Brioche-dipped toast triangles accompanied by strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and a blueberry compote with a hint of basil guarantees to be a crowd-pleaser. This will be on the new brunch menu in the next couple of weeks.

We also sampled one of the weekend specials. Scallops with cauliflower florets, celery root puree drizzled with basil oil. Chef’s scallops did not disappoint. Browned to a crisp, the top of each scallop had a crust-like texture that, once bitten into, met a perfectly tender, delicate meat. The accompanying cauliflower and purée offered just enough flavor so as to complement and not overwhelm. The serving was just enough to satisfy the appetite but not overstuff – leaving plenty of room for dessert for those who choose to so!

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