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Birdman Juke Joint Opening In Bridgeport with Real Soul Food from Top Chef, Chris Scott

“It’s about the chicken…” says Chef Chris Scott (Top Chef Season 15), telling his new Connecticut fan base a story at his sold out Pop Up last Thursday night. And he’s about to knock nutmeggers socks off left and right with what he calls Real Soul Food, not the “gentrified” sort we’ve heard about or tasted before. There’s a story attached to the chicken, to the greens and black-eyed peas; there’s a story about the people who originally brought us the food. Real Soul Food is not just the celebrated dishes we’ve come to know and love. Chef wants everyone to understand the heritage behind this cuisine, and really hear about the ones who toiled long and hard for the meals we know as southern soul food. It’s time we learned about the Birdman; and Chef Scott is just the one to deliver the tale. He is passionate, he is immensely knowledgeable, he is experienced, and he just so happens to be one freakin’ amazing Chef.

His pal and Top Chef mate Tyler Anderson, whom Connecticut knows and loves for his many acclaimed eateries, opened up the doors of the Cook and the Bear on January 24, in order for Chef Scott to unleash a glimpse into his newest venture, Birdman Juke Joint, set to open in late February or early March in Bridgeport. The Pop Up event was sold out within a half an hour and, as diners walked in, the energy in the room was palpable.

We kicked things off with Crispy Chicken Gizzards and Hearts. Chef Scott made grains and veggies absolute stars with highlights like Cornmeal Crusted Corn on the Cob and Cauliflower Rice and Beans with Garlicky Kale. Every bite offered something familiar then a striking surprise. We even had drink pairings from Moonshine and Chicken fat infused cocktails!

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