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Hapa Food Truck Opens Restaurant at Decadent Ales Microbrewery

Over the past few years, Hapa Food Truck and chef/owner Chris Gonzalez have gained quite the following. I’m guilty of following up a few weightlifting sessions at Crunch Gym with a Hapa Burger or tacos when Gonzalez parked his trucked at the Priceline building. So, yes, I’m a fan just as much as all of you are. But every winter, Hapa goes into hibernation, leaving many of us yearning for warmer weather and his Filipino-Hawaiian inspired food.

Well, friends, you don’t have to wait for spring and tracking Hapa down just got a whole lot easier. Gonzalez now has a physical Hapa location in Mamaroneck’s new microbrewery, Decadent Ales inside of the popular craft beer store, Half Time.

At Hapa, fanboys and fangirls can expect some of the truck’s staples. “I started the menu here with zero stuff from the truck,” Gonzalez said. “This is some of the stuff I ate as a kid, so, I wanted to introduce it and represent my culture.” At the brewery, Gonzalez is introducing the stuff he grew up eating, even if some of it is a riff on a classic or slightly fancier.

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