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Monthly Bushido Pop-Up Dinner at Taproot in Bethel

When Jeff Taibe opened Taproot in the second half of 2017, our Amy Kundrat summed up this Fairfield County gem beautifully. “Creative, seasonal, down-to-Earth, and hyper-local” (because damn near every ingredient comes from Connecticut farms) are all words she used. That summation is dead-on accurate.

From the shareable, addictive apps, to carefully crafted cocktails, and braised pork cheeks that flaked apart with a slight twist of my fork, it was my favorite meal in Connecticut in 2018.

All of the above is a well-deserved shout-out, but I’m not giving you a Taproot update. I’m dishing on the restaurant’s one-Sunday-per-month mood swing called “Bushido.” Bushido, as you can probably surmise, is a Japanese pop-up concept.

Jeff, who was already a fan of the cuisine, credits his few years at Kawa Ni for increasing his passion for Japanese food and flavors and mentioned that it would be a disservice not to continue cooking this style because he’s spent a lot of time studying it.

Taibe told us that after he opened Taproot, Bushido started as an idea for a brick-and-mortar that never came full circle when the investor dropped out. Because he put some real thought into it, he had all these ideas and knew he had to do something about it.

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