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Author: April Guilbault

20+ Mobile Caterers in CT: Food & Bar Trucks For Your Next Party!

Rolling, rolling, rolling…Get that party rolling…Start food and drinks a flowin’… Partaaaayyy! Hang on to your wagons, folks, we’ve compiled the Ultimate Mobile Caterers Guide for all of your summer

Guide To Kids Cooking Camps & Classes in CT for 2019

Hot summer days and you don’t feel like cooking. The stove, oven, even the grill…it’s all so hot. But hold on a minute there, maybe *you* don’t have to! With a little foresight (read: now), your kids

Valentine’s Day CT Gift Guide: Cocktails Kits, Chocolates, Classes, Boozy Treats & More!

Pitter pat, pitter pat. Oh, be still my heart! Although, some might argue that the sound they hear around this time of the year is the sound of pure dread, embrace this holiday of love and get your

Guide To Healthy Eating in CT: 2019 Edition

80% of New Year’s resolutions don’t make it to February. Yeeks. Not to start our 2019 Healthy Eating Guide off on a negative foot or anything. Are you determined, though, that this will be the year

CTbites 2018 Holiday Gift Guide for CT Food Lovers

‘Tis the season of holidays, sparkly and bright, there’s baking and partying well into the night! The children are excited and the adults somewhat stressed, with planning and wrapping and finding the

Guide To Connecticut Caterers: 2018 Holidays Made Easy!

Less than 90 days until Christmas and less than 70 until Hanukkah. Please don’t hate us, we want to help you! Wonderful, albeit somewhat stressful holiday gatherings are fast approaching and with them

Lobsterbake & Clambake Caterers in CT: 2018 Edition

Summah. Lobstah. Chowdah. Did you notice that all of these “words” end in “ah”? Ahhhh, guess there is a reason. Summer, with it’s blazing sunshine and easy and delicious seasonal eats, is perfectly

CT Guide To Kids Cooking Classes & Summer Camps

“MOM! MA! Mommmmmmm…” “What?!” “I’m bored.” Oh boy. Have you heard this lovely little conversation often during the summer months? Kids young and old let that horrifying phrase fall from their lips at

18 Places for Great Cooking Classes in CT

It’s not warm enough to totally be outdoors and you’ve got a wicked case of cabin fever after this roller coaster of a winter. What’s a food loving, experience-hungry, knowledge-loving person to do?

Guide to Healthy Eats in CT: 2018 Edition

We are only a few short weeks into this brand-spanking new year, and TVs are blaring with eating program ads, magazine covers are screaming about how to “Lose 10 lbs. in a week!” and gyms are