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Something Natural: Iconic Nantucket Island Sandwich Shop and Bakery Now Open in Greenwich

Something Natural, the Nantucket sandwich and bakery shop that has been on-island for nearly 50 years, has always been a favorite destination for New Englanders who visit the island. It has in fact

Hunger Bites: Diners Eat Out To End Hunger

Starting November 15th, diners can help feed the hungry while eating at their favorite local restaurants. CTbites is pleased to have joined forces with Food Rescue US to launch Hunger Bites, a program

Donut Crazy Launches the “Cruffin” Croissant-Muffin Hybrid

Donut Crazy, a local, family-owned eatery specializing in unique donut flavors (lovingly called Dailies & Crazies), announced a tasty new menu item called the “Cruffin.” The croissant-muffin

Cocoanuts Thai Rolled Ice Cream & Dessert Truck Launches w/ Vegan, Gluten Free Menu

Tyler Moss is rolling into town, quite literally, with a new Thai rolled ice cream and dessert truck that elevates this food trend to the next level. After nearly dying from an allergic reaction to a

Match Burger Lobster Now Open in Westport

Chef Matt Storch’s latest venture, Match Burger Lobster, opens today in Westport. If you want the full scoop, check out our article from back in August. If you’re wondering what the menu looks like,

Chef Brian Lewis To Open Modern Japanese Inspired Restaurant in Westport

Chef Brian Lewis, of The Cottage, has an exciting announcement: “From the moment that we opened our doors and started cooking at The Cottage, I knew that we had really stumbled onto both a truly

Paci Restaurant in Southport Re-Launches with New Interior & Menu

Paci, one of Connecticut’s best Italian restaurants, has completed a grand remodeling and renovation after 21 years in business. The restaurant, located in the nationally recognized historic train

Knot Norms Seafood Eatery Opens in Norwalk with “New England Tacos”

I have a real appreciation for chefs who can bridge the gap between food that tastes good and food that is just plain fun. Knot Norms bills itself as a “fast casual New England seafood eatery,” and

Chef Matt Storch Opening Match Burger Lobster in Westport

Chef Matt Storch (of Match and Nom Eez) is opening Match Burger Lobster this summer, a new fast casual concept. It will be located in the space next to Fleishers Craft Butchery, in the Saugatuck

Guide To Lobsterbake & Clambake Caterers in Connecticut: 2017 Edition

Crustacean. Ranging in color from green to blue. Can live up to 50 years in the wild and the largest one ever caught was 44.4 lbs (you’d need a BIG bib). Possesses long spindly, spider-like legs. Has