Stamford artist Cris Dam paints murals in Berlin

Pictured: Stamford artist Cris Dam recently traveled to Berlin to work with schoolchildren.

A Stamford painter is making The City of Berlin his canvas.

Cris Dam (above), co-founder of Dam, Stuhltrager, an artist collective in Brooklyn, N.Y., has painted, or is in the process of painting, several murals in the German capital this month.

For his first mural, Dam was joined by local school children (above and right) in painting a fantastical garden scene on the entrance walls of a children’s park in Neukölln, a borough located in the southeastern part of the city.

“This mural allowed the kids the opportunity to reclaim and re-imagine defaced, graffiti walls for their own community,” Dam said in an email.

Sponsored by the American Embassy, the project was initiated by several German cultural institutions as a way to “foster cultural understanding and international dialogue,” Dam added.

In addition, Dam is in the process of painting a piece on a section of the Berlin Wall in Mauerpark.

“These projects are an incredible experience,” Dam said. (Photos/Oliver Basch)

Scott Gargan