Stamford singer, songwriter teams with teens to raise awareness, funds for homelessness


Today marked the release of a new single from Stamford singer and songwriter Kathy Muir, which will help to raise funds for a Miami charity that serves the poor and homeless.

“Keep on Walking,” which is available on Bandcamp today,  was inspired by the black-and-white photographs taken by two brothers, Alexander and Christopher Kiener, whose project, “Art is Homeless,” brings the faces of those who are homeless to light.

The twins, who are based in South Florida began their quest as a community service project, with the help of their father, Joseph, who is a self-taught photographer.

Muir said she first learned about the teens work when @art_is_homeless started following her on Twitter at about this time last year. Before she followed them in return, however, she said she clicked the link to their website and soon learned about the worthy endeavor that would raise money for Camillus House in Miami.

“It really moved me, so I replied back to them on Twitter and told them that I loved their work and I thought they were doing a great job,” she said. “Next, I told them that I wanted to write a son for them, which is something that I never have done before.”

On her way in to New York City by train, she said she wasn’t able to pick up her guitar until she got back home later that day and did not stop until 1 a.m. in the morning. The next day, she worked on it some more, before sending her demo off to the Kieners.

A year later, her efforts to write a song that “captures the essence of their photography,” has been realized, and she is hopeful that later this week the single will be available at other online musical services, as well, including iTunes, Amazon, GooglePlay and Spotify as well as Rdio, Deezer and Beats Music.

She recently expressed her thoughts in a recent blog post. Half of the song’s proceeds will go to Camillus House.

The lyrics, she said, were inspired by the brothers’ work, as well as her own emotions and feelings that surfaced after she had seen the photographs. “Everyone has felt lost within themselves at one time,” she said.

It is a creative collaboration that has many levels. The video for her release features the Kieners’ images, which Muir received permission to use. (You can see it below.)

Included in the release on Bandcamp is a digital booklet that includes some of the artwork and some words as to what inspired the project. Muir said the service typically only allows booklets for full album releases, but is allowing her this ability because of the charitable nature of the song and project.

“I had asked them if they could make an exception and they said go ahead,” she said.

Muir said she also plans to be on Edinburgh’s Shore Radio on April 18, in her native country of Scotland, where she will play some of her songs and talk about her latest project. She will be on Ricky Templeman’s drivetime show.

“I’m really excited,” she said. “I always talking about how people can give their time, creativity or their money to make a difference. And, if lots of people are making small differences, it can become a much larger difference.”

“Keep on Walking,” also will be on the forthcoming album “BookCoverJudge.”

Christina Hennessy