Throwback Thursday: Send us your old prom photos!

It’s the middle of May, and proms are coming thick and fast—at least eight alone this weekend in area schools. Hairdressers and tuxedo rental shops are doing a brisk business, getting teens spiffed up for their big night. We’ll be covering many of those dances, but we want to see how much prom has changed over the years—who remembers the days of homemade duct tape suits, or feathered hair and shoulder pads?

If you have any old prom photos hiding around, email them to us at, tweet them to us, or post them on our Facebook wall. Let us know what year the picture was taken, and if you want, tell us a little about prom that year. Do you have any special memories from that night? What’s it like to see yourself wearing your prom outfit, so many years later? We’ll be compiling your photos into a gallery that will be added to this post.

For some inspiration, check out these prom photos from our archives: