Primaries, Fall Elections, Will Test Faith in Public Financing

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  1. Sean says:

    Ken Dixon, who calls himself “The Blogster”, describes himself as, ” amused that two of the supposed supporters of public financing for political campaigns, Speaker of the House Chris Donovan and Senate President Pro Tempore Don Williams, are backing Ned Lamont for governor over Dan Malloy, who won the Democratic nomination during the recent convention.”

    First, Mr. Dixon, stop calling yourself “The Blogster”. It is unprofessional and undignified for the political reporter for Hearst Newspapers to do so. But please explain to us why you believe that it is “amusing” that supporters of public financing are supporting Ned Lamont for governor? The point of public financing is to permit those without substantial personal assets to compete for election in the public arena, which is what Mayor Malloy is doing. As you point out, Mayor Malloy will be receiving millions of dollars in public funding for the primary campaign with which to compete effectively with Mr. Lamont, the bulk of whose financing is coming from his own assets. The point of public financing is leveling the playing field in terms of campaign funds. It makes no sense, however, to suggest, as you do, that supporters of public financing must only support recipients of public funds. The strong plurality of Democrats in this state continue to back Mr. Lamont’s bid for governor, as do Mssrs Donovan and Williams, and as do the leaders of three of Connecticut’s biggest cities. They feel that Ned Lamont has the best ideas, has the strongest personal abilities, and is the right man for the job.

    Why in the world do you find that “amusing”?

  2. Common Sense says:

    Donovan’s and William’s endorsement of the self-funder might be an indication that they fear a Governor Malloy more…what does that say to their commitment for real change?

  3. E says:

    Fedele said election is going to be based on substance, character and issues.

    With all due respect Lieutenant Governor — we know all this. What we need is action and execution. You’ve had your chance in Hartford, you didn’t do anything over the past four years, and now things are getting worse, not better.

    The Citizens Election Program is nothing more than an incumbent’s dull-employment program. It’s time to give an outsider like Tom Foley a chance. We’re tired of career politicians.