Marie, State Transit Commish, Goes the Way of Losing Baseball Managers: “Spending More Time With Family.”

The Blogster looks askance at today’s announced resignation of state Transportation Commissioner Joseph Marie, since it’s practically on the heels of this month’s embarrassing scene at Bradley International Airport, in which an actual international flight was diverted and the passengers were kept under virtual lock and key, without food or air conditioning, for hours because there was no personnel from US Customs to process them. The airport, and with it the Rell administration, was a laughing stock. But why should there have been someone with passport control powers there? The airport doesn’t have any regular international flights. Last week, during an unrelated news conference at the airport, Marie appeared quit testy when reporters probed about the long delay.

So today’s release from Rell, who announced Marie’s resignation “in order to pursue long-term employment opportunities and spend more time with his family. The Governor has appointed Deputy Commissioner Jeffrey Parker to be commissioner.” Marie was there for a heartbeat in state-government time: two years. “I have full confidence that Jeff Parker will continue moving the DOT in the dynamic new direction that I have set,” Rell said, failing to mention whether that course includes being able to actually handle international flights at Bradley International Airport.