Malloy back in Wa$hington today looking for $100 million to help UConn Health Center

Yep, Gov.-elect Dannel Malloy knows he’s going to have to maximize those federal buck$ to ease the budget pain next year. Thus, his second visit to Washington in the last two weeks. 

 Dan Malloy met this morning with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius over the troubled the UConn Health Center’s application for the Infrastructure to Expand Access to Care (IEAC) program, a grant that provides the hospital with a chance for “financial viability.”

“Receipt of this grant is critical to the future of our state’s only public medical and dental schools and their pivotal importance to the delivery of health care in Connecticut,” Malloy said in a statement.  “A contribution from the federal government, partnering with our state and the University of Connecticut, is the only solution to addressing the long-term financial challenges that have confronted the UConn Health Center.  Without a financially viable Health Center, Connecticut could fail to meet the expanding workforce demand for physicians and dentists, be unable to respond to the increasing need for access to care for low-income and special populations, and lose the ability to recruit and retain quality students, residents and faculty.”  

 The $100-million IEAC grant will go to one health care facility.

“UConn has submitted a very strong application that meets all the criteria established in the IEAC program,” Malloy said.  “I am confident that UConn has documented the financial risk confronting its Health Center and how this grant will enable it to achieve sound fiscal footing.”