Malloy praises Joe Lieberman, another Stamford boy who made good

Minutes before U.S. Sen. Joe Lieberman was going to read his statement, then walk away from reporters’ questions in Stamford, Gov. Dannel Malloy, in Cromwell at the annual convention of the Council of Small Towns, was asked to opine on the career of his fellow Stamfordite. “My family and Joe’s go way back,” Malloy said. “My dad was selling insurance and his dad operated a liquor store over off of Glenbrook Road. You know, we’ve known each other. His mother lived around the corner from my parents for years and years and years. I think he’s had a distinguished public career in state government as well as the federal government and I congratulate him on making a decison that’s got to get the pressure off his back. I’m sure that it will make it easier for him to enjoy his final two years in the Senate and I think there are more chapters to be written by Joe Lieberman.’