Malloy, State Bond Commission, set to approve seed money for new train station on East Side of Bridgeport

The State Bond Commission on Friday is set to approve $1 million to begin work on a new Metro-North station on a contaminated seven-acre parcel along Barnum Avenue on Bridgeport’s East Side. The commission action will occur the same week that a new Fairfield Metro Station opened.

“The site of this second rail station will spur further economic development,” said state Rep. Andres Ayala Jr., D-Bridgeport, leader of the city’s legislative delegation. “Currently, the City of Bridgeport has numerous projects in this area which would be well served by the second station. This could be the spark which ignites further investment opportunities and better jobs and housing for our residents.”

“This project will address one of the barriers to economic activity which is lack of access to public transportation,” said Rep. Charles D. Clemons, D-Bridgeport. “This project encompasses blight, pollution and transportation with increased avenues for economic activity.  This is money well-spent and I am eager to see the work begin.”

 Rep. Auden Grogins, D-Bridgeport, said the East Side site has been hampered by long-time industrial contamination: a brownfield that will be expensive to clean up.

“Giving additional access to our Bridgeport commuters to New York and other major Connecticut cities is key to making Bridgeport a destination city,” Grogins said. “With the prior attention having been given to Fairfield’s new train station, I am excited and hopeful that the prospect of a new train station in Bridgeport will shift the focus for future economic development in our city,” she said.

“Cleaning contaminated brownfield sites and putting them back into productive use will be a key factor in our efforts to increase the cities taxable grand list,” said Rep. Ezequiel Santiago, D-Bridgeport. “Adding to our public transportation infrastructure will help lower our carbon footprint, while the additional commuter traffic will provide opportunity for increased business at existing venues as well as a greater need for new businesses to be established.”

 Since Gov. Dannel P. Malloy controls the monthly agenda of the State Bond Commission, the placement of the $1 million item on the agenda is tantamount to approval.