Rep Brenda Kupchick announces schedule for hearings on pet shops. First is in Fairfield on October 16

Rep. Brenda Kupchick, R-Fairfield, has announced the public hearing schedule for the Task Force on the Sale of Cats and Dogs in CT.
“I encourage members of the surrounding communities to attend these very important meetings and provide the task force with their personal testimony so that we can complete this important work,” she said in a statement this afternoon. The first will be on Wednesday, October 16th, in the boardroom of the Fairfield Public Schools, 501 Kings Hwy East. Speakers may signup at 6 PM and testimony will begin at 7 PM on the topic of “Ways to Improve the Puppy Industry and Ensure Healthy Animals in CT.”

The second hearing will be in the Legislative Office Building at 1PM on Wednesday, November 13th in room 1D. The topic of that hearing will be “Should Puppies and Cats be Banned for Sale in Pet Stores?” To submit written testimony, please e-mail it no later than the day before the hearing to Testimony taken at the time of speaker sign-ups, however if not submitting electronically, a speaker must bring fifteen copies for the Task Force. For more information visit the task force website at  Or email Kupchick at