Sen. McKinney, Malloy’s office, feud over the cancellation of this month’s State Bond Commission meeting


Senate Minority Leader John McKinney, R-Fairfield, the highest profile Republican to have a candidate committee for governor, has reacted to Gov. Malloy’s announcement this morning of the cancellations of the October  meeting of the State Bond Commission:  “The cancellation of the October bond commission meeting in response to Republican criticism is good news, but also a necessary action given that Governor Malloy has maxed out the state’s credit card. He has already allocated just shy of $1.8 billion in bonds in 2013. That’s the most bonding a Connecticut governor has ever allocated in a single year and represents a 28% increase over last year. Further action is needed to reduce state borrowing, pay down debt, and improve Connecticut’s bond ratings.”

Andrew Doba, Malloy’s spokesman: “We hold Bond Commission meetings when there are projects that are ready to move forward.  Honestly, Republicans will use any opportunity to take a shot at the administration, so if they use this occasion to do so, it’s like the least newsworthy thing I can imagine.  These are the same folks who vote against the bond package, then put out supportive press releases when projects are approved in their districts.  They are the same folks who say we’re borrowing to much (ignoring the fact that there is less bonded debt today than when the Governor took office), then vote to approve nearly every project once it comes before the Bond Commission. ”

The next commission meeting will be at the end of December. Traditionally, the commission does not get together in November. The 10-member panel, whose agenda is set by the governor, includes the state’s constitutional officers – all Democrats – as well as top Republican and Democratic lawmakers on the Finance Committee. While Republicans including Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton, losing 2010 gubernatorial candidate Tom Foley and Sen. Toni Boucher of Wilton have set up exploratory committees, McKinney is all in with a candidate committee.