To Republican lawmakers, Gov. Dannel Malloy, in announcing $16 million in new funding for school security, is He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named

Yesterday, Gov. Malloy announced in Farmington that he found $16 million for more schools to upgrade security. But in a news release today from Rep. Gail Lavielle and Sen. Toni Boucher, both R-Wilton, the governor is a euphemism.

Here, with my underlining in the first sentence, is their release:

“Hartford, CT – This week, leaders in Hartford announced $16 million is being made immediately available to municipalities in the second round of school security funding under a Competitive Grant Program. The program was introduced following the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School last December as school districts throughout the state carefully reviewed their security measures and building plans.


  • Three schools in Bethel will receive a $49,749.00 security grant. A combination of: $22,568.00 from the state and $27,181.00 in local matching funds.


  • Two schools in Redding will receive a $147,625.00 security grant. A combination of: $37,439.00 from the state and $110,186.00 in local matching funds.


  • Nine schools in Ridgefield will receive a $172,860.00 security grant. A combination of: $ 44,446.00 from the state and $128,414.00 in local matching funds.


  • Two schools in Wilton will receive a $108,495.00 security grant. A combination of: $26,354.00 from the state and $82,141.00 in local matching funds.


Sen. Boucher the ranking senator on the General Assembly’s Education and Higher Education committees and chair of the Bipartisan School Safety Working Group established in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School tragedy says this program will help defray a portion of the cost.


“We’re pleased to know that schools in our district are making improvements in security and infrastructure,” said Sen. Boucher (R-Wilton). “This state funding will help them pay for costly items that will help make our children and teachers safer when they are in school.”


Representative Gail Lavielle (R-143), a member of both the Education and Higher Education Committees, said, “School safety and security is a top priority for the district, and Wilton’s Security Task Force has been working hard to assess the security needs of our schools and make recommendations. I’m very pleased that Wilton has been chosen to receive these funds to help ensure everyone’s safety.”


The improvements can include:


  • development or improvement of security infrastructure
  • school personnel training in the operation and maintenance of the new or improved security structure
  • purchase of portable entrance security devices, including metal detector wands, screening machines, and related training
  • installation of surveillance cameras
  • penetration resistant vestibules
  • ballistic glass
  • solid core doors
  • double-door access
  • computer-controlled electronic locks
  • entry door buzzer systems
  • scan card systems
  • panic alarms or other systems


The school security grants are administered by the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP), the Department of Education (SDE), and the Department of Construction Services (DCS). The funding will go to schools with the most need i.e. — buildings with little or no existing security infrastructure located in school districts.


Each municipality will be reimbursed between 20 and 80 percent according to town wealth, as defined in subdivision (26) of section 10-262f of the Connecticut General Statutes. Funds from municipalities, which total $15,297,388 Million, will be matched with $16,001,146 Million in state funding for an overall $31,298,534 Million investment in school security among 435 schools.


One more additional round of funding is expected to be awarded in the next year.


Please refer to the DESPP website for more information on how to apply for a school safety competitive grant.”