Judiciary Committee this morning will add new meaning to the term “drone on.”

Yep, this morning at 10 o’clock the General Assembly’s Judiciary Committee will hold public hearings on a variety of legislation, not the least of which would be setting standards for the use of “unmanned aircraft,” which are drones, to the Blogster and you. These hearings usually drone on for hours, so a noun will visit the verb today, at least for a while. Here is the crux of the bill, according to the legislative analysis.

“To: (1) Establish the crime of “criminal use of an unmanned aircraft”, and require persons convicted of using an unmanned aircraft that is equipped with a deadly weapon to be subject to registration under the deadly weapon offender registry; (2) establish standards for the use of unmanned aircraft by law enforcement agencies; and (3) provide for regulations to be adopted concerning the use of unmanned aircraft in any state airspace that is not subject to federal regulation.”