Are you missing John Rowland, who has left WTIC under cloud of federal grand jury investigating campaign-finance fraud?

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2 Responses

  1. Hammond Egger says:

    His theme song should be ” I raped the state for ten years,but I only served 10 months”. This arrogant blowhard will get more time in the grey bar resort this time around.He turned down a plea deal already,I heard. I hope he gets 10 yrs this time.He can have his state pension deposited directly into the commisary

  2. Wayne says:

    No offense to Faith Middleton, but I just do not eat bacon; I’m sorry. And I’m too poor for pledge drives. Somehow it feels like a guilt trip for being poor. So I discovered Rowland, and although I never met the man, he did contribute to an article I wrote. He always came off as much more…statesmanlike than cross-state hippo and sometimes rival Colin McEnroe.