“Jane Doe,” troubled transgender teen whose custody has been controversial, “escaped” facility today

This is from Dept of Children and Families Commissioner Joette Katz:
“This morning, Jane Doe escaped while attending her first day at a therapeutic program. Attendance at this program was approved by all the parties, including her attorneys and her guardian ad litem. This was part of the ongoing treatment that all involved agree that Jane Doe needs to overcome past trauma and the latest example of the agency’s commitment to providing the necessary care for her. Local police and Department staff and staff of the provider are working to locate her. We are hopeful we can quickly find her so that we can continue to engage her in the treatment programs that can help her heal from the many traumas she has experienced.”
Katz’s office declined further comment this afternoon, other than to confirm that the escape did not occur in Massachusetts, where earlier this summer, Jane Doe was scheduled to join a facility.