150 years ago tomorrow, CT troops put dagger in heart of Confederacy

10thoneHere are a couple photos of the battle flag of the famous 10th Connecticut Regiment, which scored the penultimate major victory over the Confederacy, on April 2, 1865, at Fort Gregg, near Petersburg, Virginia. The regiment then cut off General Robert E. Lee’s retreat from Appomattox Courthouse, Va. leading to the surrendered a week later. The Fort Gregg assault resulted in 50 percent casualties, wounded and dead. This flag, commemorating earlier, 1862 battles, is adorned with a bronze eagle, awarded the regiment by Major General John Gibbon. Coincidentally, the flag, being laid out today for a photo shoot in the Capitol’s Hall of Flags, is on several tables next to the statue of Governor William A. Buckingham, who led the state during the Civil War. The flag retains a couple bullet holes that are 150 years old.10thtwo