Rally for humanities, historical societies, fills Hall of Flags

Hundreds of people are attending a display of artifacts and rally this afternoon in the Capitol’s historic Hall of Flags, aimed at restoring the governor’s proposed $2 million cut to about 250 historical societies and other groups that mostly depend on local volunteers and a little state funding to keep their heads above water. The din was pretty high in the Capitol’s west atrium, but the Blogster noticed Sen. L. Scott scott1Frantz, R-Greenwich, (left) speaking favorably to the group. He’s ranking member of the tax-writing Finance Committee, though. So while he could draft and vote on a bill to raise the money, it’s up to the budget-writing Appropriations Committee to bring forth a bill to restore the money. Historical societies from throughout the state brought along historical artifacts, but the Blogster appreciated the chunk of the fabled Charter Oak, which fell about a mile away from the Capitol during an 1856 storm.charter