Freshman Rep. McCarthy Vahey pedals to the Capitol

kristin If she looked a little tired the other day on the floor of the House, first-term Rep. Cristin McCarthy Vahey, D-Fairfield, had every right to, since she joined bike and walking activists in the 40-mile trip from New Haven in support of pending legislation on bike safety and transit options contained in Senate Bill 502. “The opportunity to ride through many of our Connecticut communities and talk with advocates from multiple communities reinforced the importance of pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure to keeping young people in Connecticut, protecting our environment and creating the opportunity for economic development,” she said in a statement. The trek followed the Farmington Valley trail and the multi-use trail immediately adjacent to the CT FastTrack bus route. “This bill allows for greater flexibility in the creation of bicycling infrastructure and improves safety for today’s cyclists, commuters, recreational riders, children and the elderly,” she said. “This measure will contribute to increased safety and positive economic development that also promotes healthy practices.”