Malloy indicates he will sign bills on undocumented immigrants

dan4-2The governor just took a swipe at legislative Republicans who oppose giving in-state tuition and financial aid to undocumented immigrants.

“Rather than send away all of the people that have come to our country… it is in our best interest that with respect to the youth that is working its way through our school system that they have an opportunity to finish their education in community college, college, or a post-college degree program. We know, for instance that that person’s earnings could increase as much as a million-and-a-half (dollars) per lifetime with the right education. That’s just an average. So it’s in our best interest that young people who were brought to this country as babies or as young children, who have graduated from our education system, receive the education that is commensurate with their abilities. What’s far more likely to happen is that we’re going to resolve some of these tax issues and tax-filing issues. So, quite frankly we should get our portion of the $1.5 million more in lifetime earnings. We want to get our percentage of that.”

On GOP criticism that native Connecticut residents would be squeezed out of higher education and financial aid: “Was that statement part of the Republicans urban plan? See if they file it under their urban proposals. At least one of the houses has somebody working specifically on urban policy. I just wanted to point that out…If they’re talking about a state institution…we actually see declining enrollment, not expanding enrollment on a gross and net basis, so across the board. It’s true that certain universities or certain colleges have upticks from one time to another, but if you’re talking about the totality of the size of the student body attending public universities, the numbers are actually going down. So not only do I think that this is probably not part of their urban strategy, it’s not even factually correct.”

Malloy made the remarks at the end of a news conference with state officials talking about the nationwide vehicular-airbag recall.

Here’s today’s Hearst Connecticut Media story about yesterday’s House and Senate action: