Mattei migration illustrates the small world of the Conn criminal bar

“If you can beat them, join them,” seems to be the new mantra of outgoing U.S. Attorney Christopher Mattei, who has signed up with the Bridgeport firm of Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder. After eight years chasing bad guys like John G. Rowland,johnnyG the disgraced former governor and most recently, last week’s sentence of George Gallo,
gallo the former state House Republican chief of staff, to a year and a day in prison, Mattei is heading to the defense table. Since they’re “professionals” in search of business for the firm, it shouldn’t matter. But the Blogster notices that one of the crooked campaign staffers that scuttled former Speaker of the House Chris Donovan’s 5th District congressional, Josh Nassi of Fairfield,chrisjosh now serving time for accepting tainted cash, was represented by William Bloss, one of Mattei’s new colleagues at Koskoff. Well, as The Godfather might mumble “It’s just business.”