How districts stack up per-pupil

 A lot is being written these days about school budget cuts, but just how much is being spent per pupil and how much more is being spent on students in the next town over? The State Department of Education’s Bureau of Grants Management recently posted 2009-10 Net current expenditures per pupil. That figure includes money spent from local, state and federal sources. According to the list, Ansonia, spends the smallest amount per pupil of any district in the state at $10,521 in 2009-10.

Who spends the most? You’d be wrong if you said New Canaan, or Westport or even Greenwich. In 2009-10, Sharon took that honor, spending $20,777 for each of its 293 students. Cornwall, about 12 miles southwest of Sharon, is second, spending $20,673 for its 182 students.

Bridgeport, which constantly complains about underfunding, does spend $4,000 less per pupil — it had 21,022 in 09-10 –than Hartford or New Haven. Hartford and New Haven both spend more than $17,000 per student – about on par with Greenwich – while Bridgeport spends $13,125.

Bridgeport’s total includes its regular operating budget of $215.8 million and federal grants, for at total of $276 million.

Here is how area districts stack up from lowest to highest:

Ansonia $10,520

Oxford $11,240 

Shelton $11,669

Seymour $11.694

 Derby $11,772

Danbury $11,812

Stratford $12,473

 Trumbull $12,599

Monroe $12,813

Bridgeport $13,125

Milford $14,332

Fairfield $14,458

Easton $14,674

Westport $16,974

Hartford $17,524

New Haven $17,899

Greenwich $17,675

Region 9 (Easton/Redding) $18,426

Linda Lambeck