Pop quiz: What is located at 61 Constant Comment Way?

OK, you’ve probably had more than your fill of stories about the Fairfield Metro railroad station over the course of more than a decade when it was first proposed, what with all the delays, controversy and problems that nearly derailed the project more than once.

When it opens Monday, after the hoopla of a ribbon-cutting Friday, we join you in hoping the place doesn’t generate any headlines for the next 10 years. A false hope, alas, because of remaining issues such as settling the construction cost overruns, as well as the ramp-up of the private developer’s plans for his commercial share of the overall project.

Oh, well.

Here’s a little-known fact about the station that may serve as a minor distraction from the sturm-und-drang, past and future:  Its official address is 61 Constant Comment Way. That calming, albeit somewhat odd, address is a tribute to the station’s next-door neighbor, Bigelow Tea, whose famed signature brand is, of course, Constant Comment.

Town officials in April designated one of the entries to the station property as “Constant Comment Way,” but who knew that would serve as the official address for the complex? After all, Bigelow’s address is 201 Black Rock Turnpike.

John Schwing