Schiff gets von NotHaus

Today at 10 a.m. financial advisor and former U.S. Senate candidate Peter Schiff will interview Bernard von NotHaus, a man convicted by a jury on March 18, in essence for making a competing coinage to U.S. currency. von NotHaus, calls himself a monetary architect, and was issuing gold and silver coins as well as notes he says were backed by precious metals under the name Liberty Dollar.
von NotHaus has largely been a popular figure for the goldbug crowd, but he is gaining stature after the U.S. Attorney prosecuting hime labeled him a “domestic terrorist” during the trial in North Carolina.
While it seems appropriate to verify whether his business can legitimately meet the obligations of its gold and silver promises, the terrorist label seems hyperbolic and many financial blogs have questioned its use.
Schiff, who has been highly critical of U.S. monetary policy and Connecticut tax policy, got the first interview with von NotHaus since the conviction.
Schiff, a Connecticut resident, has said he’s looking to move to Florida to avoid rising taxes here.
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Rob Varnon