PQ Media predicts growth in China’s media sector

China’s overall economy is slowing growth, but its media sector will grow at double-digit percentages in the near term, according to Stamford-based PQ Media, which has said China’s media and technology spending will rise 13.2 percent to $256 billion in fiscal year 2014.
Although China’s overall economy slowed to an 8 percent growth rate, it was better than 13 of the 15 top economies, including that of the U.S.
Traditional media revenue and technology spending is projected to grow at a 9.5 percent rate in 2014, according to PQ Media, following a 10.7 percent increase in 2013, totaling $83.24 billion. The Stamford firm projects that it will reach $116.3 billion by 2017.
China’s digital media spending grew 21 percent in 2013 to $17.53 billion, according to PQ Media, which expects it to more than double in three years to $38.1 billion.