Trivia time! (What the heck.)

Let’s have a little fun and see who’s reading this thing.

Carolina released Jim Cummins on Saturday. Cummins holds a special place in Sound Tigers history; you might say, in a way, that he’s No. 124, at least for another nine days.

So just what’s so special about Jim Cummins and the Sound Tigers? Be the first to use the comment button below and tell us about it. The winner receives… well, receives our admiration and respect. For a while. Kind of.

UPDATE: For David and anyone else playing at home, a hint of sorts. By this line of reasoning, Nos. 121-123 are Dan Lombard, Jim Sanca and Sebastien Laplante. Nos. 119-120 would either be Adam Edinger and Tyler Rennette, or Jeff Desrochers and Ian Manzano. If that helps at all.

Michael Fornabaio