Sims to be hockey season

(Is that the first of many bad puns, or did I drop one before? Either way, many apologies.)

OK, who’s ready?

Chris Madden plays the first half of the game at Simsbury Wednesday night; Frederic Cloutier gets the second half.

Defense pairings weren’t set, but if you make the trek to Simsbury, you’re incredibly likely to see Jody Robinson, Vince Macri, Ryan Caldwell, Paul Flache, Allan Rourke and Mike Jarmuth.

Forward lines were much more set (and, sadly, non-alliterative today).

There was Wyatt Smith between David Masse and Rob Collins; Kevin Colley between Cole Jarrett and Masi Marjamaki; Jeremy Colliton between Joe Tallari and Steve Regier; and a four-man line, with Matt Koalska mostly in the middle, with Mark Lee, Luciano Aquino and Chris Thompson.

Spirited morning with a lot of teaching, as Dave Baseggio said.

Smith, Joel Bouchard and Wade Dubielewicz are due to sit out at Simsbury, barring any injury issues (the only one forthcoming is Travis Brigley’s back, and it could be a big exception; more in the morning). Lee probably slots into Smith’s spot on Tuesday’s lines.

Bridgeport has wiggle room under the veterans limit, by the way. This year, a maximum of five players with veteran status (more than 260 games in the NHL, AHL, IHL, or in a European elite league in a non-junior-age season) can dress in any game. Unlike past years, there is no “exempt player” status; it’s five vets and that’s it. Right now, that’s Brigley, Bouchard, Smith and Rourke.

But Wednesday night is, in a lot of ways, about the kids. Finding out who can play special teams, who’s got the speed and skill for this level, who works well with whom.

About the vacant captaincy, “We’re gonna let it play out a little,” Baseggio said. “We talked about it. We’re going to have a captain, and four alternates, two home and two away. But, you know, we want to see how the week goes.” Monday sounds like the day for that.

(The most recent occupant of the captaincy, incidentally, Ed Campbell, is trying out with Binghamton.)

If you’re going Wednesday, directions to the International Skating Center of Connecticut are available on its Web site. My first time up there. Looks like it’s a little ways off whichever highway you try. Just like going to Hershey…

Michael Fornabaio