Trivia answer

Hey, I didn’t promise this would be good, did I? OK.

The numbers: There have (until next Wednesday) been 118 players to play for the Sound Tigers in the regular season. Two more only played in the playoffs (that’s your 120), and three (Lombard, Sanca, Laplante) suited up as backup goalies but did not play (123). The two playoff-onlies are Tyler Rennette and Adam Edinger; you can either put them in the order they played here, or just tack them at the end as Nos. 119-120. If you do the former, then the last two are the ones who arrived at the end of last year, Messrs. Desrochers and Manzano.

Back to Jim Cummins, who in a way is No. 124 and in a way is not No. 124. As David says, acquired for Dave Roche, Jan. 14, 2002. Then, on March 19, Roche was reacquired from Anaheim for Ben Guite and the rights to Bjorn Melin. That same day, the Islanders placed Cummins on waivers. Two days later, Clear Day in the AHL, New York reassigned Cummins to Bridgeport on paper, then recalled him after 3 p.m. Cummins was thus eligible for the Clear Day roster. But, of course, you never saw him here. The Islanders never sent him back again.

So, Cummins is to date the only player who was on a Bridgeport regular-season roster but never dressed in a game for the Sound Tigers.

Michael Fornabaio