"He also loves… baseball!"*

Game 3 ends after 2 a.m., and you go, Geoff Blum. But practice starts at 9 a.m., and this is not conducive to an alert Fornabaio. (Frankly, the 9 a.m. start would never be conducive to an alert Fornabaio, no matter what time the game ended.)

But I’m getting into the two-a-day spirit. Look, I’m sitting here writing live (and running**) off a practice, trying to stay in game shape. Heck, I haven’t been that sharp over the first six games, either. I go up against Ellery Award winner Jonathan Bombulie at Scranton, and he’s got all sorts of neat little features like “Quiz for the Cup” going on.

For instance, too-long ago noted but never mentioned: Sound Tigers property Chris Thompson has been named captain of the Trenton Titans.

All hands back on deck for Practice Part I this morning; Justin Papineau, Rob Collins and Wyatt Smith all took the skate. So the only ones missing are Joel Bouchard and Allan Rourke, the two veteran defensemen. Insert your own lamentation, if you’re a Sound Tigers fan. Lots more drills, done at a pretty high tempo. And Sudsie Maharaj is here to work with the goalies a little.

(*-“Catch ya later, Bill and Ted!” “That conversation made more sense this time.”)
(**-Jargon alert! Means a story written during an event, to be filed as early as possible, usually to meet a deadline that won’t permit a more detailed account. For instance, many BST early-edition gamers are written running and filed, without quotes, just after the game ends. Normally, I’d then rewrite (or “write through”) for a later edition. But not for the blog… Well, maybe not.)

Michael Fornabaio