Hersheypark Unhappy*

Here’s the funny part: The Undisciplined Team lost to the undisciplined team.

Bridgeport scored its third goal with J.F. Fortin in the box for a meltdown. (And at that point, Sean Bergenheim might have been a star of the game just for drawing it out of him.) At the end, Boyd Kane took an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty and earned a misconduct on top of it.

And the Sound Tigers lost because they took too many penalties.

Three in a row, in particular. (Read about ’em in the morning. Just fifty little pennies!) QOTNTDMTS (BPSH**): “We’ve just got to be disciplined. To tell the trush. I think — it’s stupid to say, but I don’t think the ref (David Banfield) did a good job, either. But we are certainly taking stupid penalties. It’s kind of frustrating right now. It’s about discipline, though. That’s what we’ve got to be better at.” –Sean Bergenheim, first offender of three.

Good return for David Masse to Hershey, with a deflection goal — I’m pretty sure Bruno Gervais’ shot hit a guy up high, then Masse deflected it down past a thoroughly befuddled Frederic Cassivi — and some nice hustling plays, negating an icing in the third period popping immediately to mind.

Tomi Pettinen arrived on a conditioning loan of unknown duration, though Dave Baseggio said none of the three guys who came down are going back up immediately. Pettinen got credit for an assist on Bergenheim’s goal — they first announced Pettinen, then changed it to Cole Jarrett, then changed it back to Pettinen — on a point shot. I had thought I saw Jarrett out there. Oh well. The eyesight’s going.

Maybe Chris Madden’s toughest night as a Sound Tiger. The first of the four goals in a row, maybe he shouldn’t have had to have stopped the initial shot, but he stopped it with the left pad and couldn’t control the rebound. Pop, right out to Boyd Gordon; pop, around the pad and into the net. That began the comeback.

Then Graham Mink, from the left side of the net, put one around Madden’s left pad and in on the five-on-three. (Bridgeport has allowed 10 goals on 23 five-on-threes.)

The third, with Mike Green coming in from the point, not much he could do. And he played pretty well otherwise; the other two goals were both breakaways, the first off a Pettinen giveaway, the second short-handed.

Rob Collins sat out his first game with a back injury of uncertain severity (day-to-day, though), and if he’s sitting, it can’t be a cheapie, because he’s always got something hurting him. Let’s put it this way: My first two guesses at when he got it? Both wrong. (We got distracted, so I still actually don’t know where he got it…)

Attendance was 9,273, with fans in attendance receiving free Hersheypark tickets.

F: Marjamaki-Smith (A)-Hamilton
Bergenheim-Koalska-Colley (C)
D: Pettinen-Gervais
Rourke (A)-Macri

F: Fleischmann-Aulin-Mink
Kane (C)-Steckel-Fussey
D: Zinger***-Arsene
Nycholat (A)-Green
Wotton-Fortin (A)

*-If you’ve read the introduction to this site recently, you had to know this header was coming.
**-But Probably Should Have.
***-I hear/see this name, I think The Lonesome Death of Hattie Carroll. I don’t mean to; I just do.

Michael Fornabaio